How does Latest Software help in the SEO Process?

How does Latest Software help in the SEO Process?

2-search-queriesThe SEO experts ensure to update their knowledge by learning latest software and applications. If they remain outdated, then it is hard for them to survive in the present competitive scenario. The SEO experts should follow the latest Google updates to rank in the search engine.

For example, recently, there were some changes made in the Google algorithm. It was known only by the top SEO professionals. It may even take another year to reach the entire online marketing group. It is the reason you have to remain alert and follow the trends and development involved in the SEO process.

Some of the popular SEO tools are explained in the following:

Open site explorer: It will help you to gain knowledge how you are getting traffic and which link is redirecting traffic to your website. You will also know where your pages are linked and how many visitors are coming from the links, it is an excellent tool if you are targeting a particular area or location.

Google keyword planner: It is one of the favorite tools by all SEO experts. When you enter your business or type of service, you can easily get information regarding commonly used keywords, monthly search volume, suggested terms and competitor’s usage and much more. It will give you accurate results that you can start to the next step of SEO after obtaining the keywords.

unnamedIncognito window: If you are using Google search engine, you would have seen this option. It helps in a great way especially when you want to see how your website is performing in the search engine. It will display the result as seen by the public. It will show your true rankings. This way, you can take appropriate actions knowing your position.

Google trends:  It will show how your keywords and contents are performing in the search engine. The results will be displayed in a graphical manner. For example, if you are an expert in the field like The SEO Dentist and wish to know how well your keywords or contents are performing, you can simply use Google Trends tool.

QuickSprout Website Analyzer: It will completely analyze your website and provide quick results. It will analyze on factors like SEO optimization, competitive comparisons, links, social, keywords, tags, and speed.

Hope! These tools help you to perform internet marketing in a more accurate and successful manner. There are new SEO tools launched every day in the market. You need to browse and update yourself to stay ahead in the business.

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